Order a Graphic

For graphic requests, here are prices:

Magazine Cover or Page: $110 for one medoll, $205 for two medolls (save $15!) and $295 for three medolls (Save $35!)

Blog Banner: $100 for one medoll, $175 for two (save $25!), $250 for three (save $50!)
Writer Banner: $49 Each
Fresh Face Photoshoot (freshfacesd.blogspot.com): $75 for one picture, $130 for two (save $20!) or $175 for three (save $50!)

Any other types of requests? Contact me in my guestbook and I'll name the price.

Need a rush delivery? Generally I take 7-12 days to finish your requested graphic(s) but here are the rush-prices:
3-Day Delivery: $10 extra.
2-Day Delivery: $30 extra.

Purchases are made by me putting a non-valuable item up for sale in my starbazaar and reserving it for you. Stardoll tax not included in the price.

Contact me via starmail or guestbook @ Tapstar321.